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Photos of river scenes

Paul Collins

Senior Member
The much older neighbour who introduced me to the Kennet back in the 60s said that the town center stretches were quite productive for Barbel historically.
Remember fishing beat 4 on an R&DAA ticket during the winter years ago. That was quite close to the town center, probably no chance of parking now

Mark Nicholls

Senior Member
Wouldn't attempt to fish there Dave, it just makes me think if any fish were up in these areas.
I used to fish behind the Forbury Gardens, by Huntley & Palmers back in the early 70's Dave, and although I never caught any myself the occassional barbel did come out so who knows ?

Derek Funcks

Senior Member
I clicked the link .... but there must be something wrong with my computer, all i got was a blank screen ( except for a video time bar ) and a horrible screeching sound like someone drawing their fingernails down glass ! :eek:
And heres me thinking it was someone messing with their fly. ( zipper ) :D;):eek::D:p