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Perch - Contemporary Days and Ways by John Bailey & Roger Miller

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Steve Williams

Senior Member
I am a perch fan. I love the way the fish looks, the way its smaller versions often prevent a blank session in the depths of winter and how belligerent and colourful they look when caught. The primary reason for asking for this book (a Christmas present from 2007) was that I wanted to catch bigger perch on a more regular basis and improve on my PB, and when I recently saw the book for sale in the BFW shop, I thought it was high time I contributed to the site again.

The book employs an interesting approach of getting a number of specialists to contribute to different aspects (tactics and locations) of perch fishing and I feel it is a strategy that works well. I have to admit to being a little disappointed on first reading in that it did seem a little dated as it talks a lot about the seventies and eighties and I was expecting something more current, but as I re-read it and focussed on techniques and theories I began to appreciate and enjoy it more, and the experience and dedication of the contributors comes across loud and clear.

One aspect of the age of some of the content is that there are a number photos which are in black and white, which tempered my enjoyment in this age of full colour and HD, but as an issue would be hard to address as they depict catches related to the content. That said there are some great photos of large perch (both colour and b/w) and I found the black and white pics contributed to a certain mystique, which is supported by the text.

There are numerous lessons to be learnt from the enjoyable tales, and the authors have even spelled out some interesting assumptions that lesser mortals such as I would not have the brain capacity to interpret. There is also an excellent, comprehensive chapter on rigs which supports the preceding chapters and depicts things in a simple, but highly effective manner.

In conclusion it is an informative, entertaining, even inspiring book, which as a perch fan I am pleased to possess.

Available from BFW for £16.99.


Cris Netto
Jan 2010
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