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Pan nets

After a new net iv had a look arpund my local shops and just cannot find a net suitible tbh . Im after a big pan net with a bit of a deeper mesh so i can rest fish in it . Currentally have the gardner one but even thats not ideal and os a bit flemsey being a fair few years old . Can anyone recommend a decent one thanks nock

Richard Isaacs

Senior Member & Supporter
I haven’t used one but the new all metal spoon from Korum is supposed to be strong and a bit deeper.
I’m using a triangular one at the moment and sticking with it.

Colin Dapp

Senior Member
I'm with Richard, I use a bog standard 36 in triangular net. Big enough for the biggest barbel and deep enough. Pan nets don't have any place in my barbel fishing.

Richard Isaacs

Senior Member & Supporter
It just sounds a small rim to me that’s all Nick. Some of the longer fish could make netting up more difficult but if your happy that’s all that matters.
I know two of the clubs I’m involved with wouldn’t allow it by their rules as it’s stated that if you are specifically targeting barbel, carp or pike the minimum net size is 30”
I used to use a 30” spoon and I felt the same as you that it wasn’t quite deep enough to rest something big and yes a deeper net of any size is going to be better for retaining and recovery but it’s a real pain in the arse for initially netting them up if the hole is much smaller that the length of the fish itself

Clive Kenyon

Senior Member
The problem that I have with pan nets is that they catch the current and are difficult to hold still. They tend to rotate with the net bag pulling downstream. Most places I fish have high banks so the landing net handle is close to 3 metres and this doesn't help my cause. The spoon net is better, but a triangular net is best.

I have two latex mesh nets and I only use the pan net for lakes or very slow water.