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Organising my rig bits

Neil Smart

Senior Member
I have several of those AT style rig boxes and they are very handy for small items. However, sometimes I need a bit more so take this handy box....

Then spools of hooklink, hooks and other tools can be kept together.
Same here, I bought the Korum that has the foam rig storage, very useful. Also bought the Drennan specialist net bag that houses all my bits in the boot of the car.

Neil Kirk

Senior Member
Many thanks for everyone's suggestions.

I have got a number of storage items ordered (and the clam box which Darren kindly offered me) and have put into storage some stuff that I just wasn't using any more.

I am now looking forward to being more organised on the bank.

Jamie Warren

Senior Member
Don't use a waistcoat but never decant anything from their original packets these days . . .too much faff and I generally forget what I've put where. Have dumped all my small / medium / large hardcases and replaced them with a small soft case to stow the essential packets and mini hooklink spools only etc. Anything excess stays in the boot of the car in a 'spares' bag . . .
My spares bag takes up the boot !!!

Paul Bullinger

Active Member
Over the years I have realised that I drag far too much gear down to the river. Some days I just take minimal tackle and these Wychwood boxes are ideal. The internal dividers are removable.