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Oregon Scientific Weather Station BA938HG by Bob Gill

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Steve Williams

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Oregon Scientific Weather Station BA938HG by Bob Gill


Weather can have quite an impact on fishing at times. Sometimes, I just find myself going fishing no matter what the conditions are, but at other times find myself being more cautious and analytical (which could be a mistake at times!). Although we live on a small island - and this can make weather forecasting a bit of a nightmare at times - I think it's bit of a joke on occasions when the weather forecaster would seemingly do better by sticking their head out of the window and taking notice of current conditions and altering their forecast accordingly.

With the demise of one of my digital thermometers - the one that sits next to my computer taking inside and outside readings - I was browsing around for a replacement and somehow got seduced by some of the so called digital 'weather stations'. I was quite surprised at some of the facilities offered by some of the more expensive ones - some offer time clock, moon phases, relative humidity, thermometer, barometric pressure, wireless operation of the remote unit, predictive weather trends, historical data and other features.

I searched around and as we don't have a barometer, decided on one with this feature. Additionally, as the wire that ran from my back room window had suffered a number of cut offs due to the sensor wire being nipped (don't ask!) in the window frame, a wireless external sensor would be a nice feature also.

With the best intentions to be frugal, I arrived at the store and asked for the model I had selected only to be told it was out of stock. I didn't feel like a drive back home without something so selected the next model up. That was out of stock as well and after an abortive trip to some more stores - yes you guessed it - I ended up spending more money than I had intended.


Weather Station - Oregon Scientific Model BA938HG


This is not a portable device and is intended for desktop or wall mounting - the main unit has a hinge which allows the unit to be locked flat for wall mounting or hinged at varying angles for desktop mounting.

Information from the remote unit is passed to the main unit using wireless technology, with a range of approximately 30 metres. The model reviewed can have up to 3 remote sensors, but I went for just the one (surprise, surprise).

The silver coloured main unit measures approximately 200 mm x 200 mm x 25 mm and weighs around 500 g with the 4 AA batteries. The white remote unit, which is classified as 'all weather' and has ambient temperature and relative humidity readouts, measures 65 mm x 90 mm x 20 mm and weighs around 100 g with the 2 AAA batteries.


The Wireless Remote Unit

The features that this unit offers are probably too numerous to mention, but here are some of them:

1. Switchable between degrees C and F. Internal and external readouts with maximum and minimum from memory.

2. Up to 3 remote units, approximate range of up to 30m, with channel selection for readout on the main unit.

3. Clock with alarm.

4. Absolute barometric pressure readout, with 24 hour trend bar graph.

5. Relative Humidity, maximum and minimum, internal and external.

6. Weather trend and predictive 12/24 hour readout.

7. Moon phases - current, historical and future phases for any date between 1990 and 2089. These are given as New Moon, Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Last Quarter and Waning Crescent. In current mode the icon will flash faster if it is a full or new moon day.

8. Backlight.

There are other features, including compensation for barometric pressure when at higher altitudes.

In Use

I found the unit easy to use and install.


Will this unit catch me more barbel? - probably not in the short term.

Will it significantly influence me to go or stay at home? - maybe, but sometimes you've just got to go fishing no matter what.

Will it help me understand whether certain weather factors influence fishing or not? - possibly.

Having been a bit lax last season in keeping a fishing diary, this unit might just make it a bit easier for the forthcoming season in keeping more accurate records. Looking up the moon phases will be certainly easier rather than having to get the information other ways, but as I'm sceptical about moon phases, this could be academic.

Maybe this time next year I'll be in a better position to assess whether this unit has helped more fishing wise or better at enabling me to decide on whether to paint the house or not. Only time will tell.

Nice looking gadget though and not being an exclusively fishing article has gained some favourable responses from t'other half.


There are quite a few models in the range, depending on the features and number of remotes required and this is generally reflected in the price - around £30 to £120. The unit under review was found to have quite marked differences in price and varied between £69 and £99 depending on supplier. Other equivalent models as 'old new stock' and 'as new' models might be found on e-bay at cheaper prices.

Bob Gill

April 2004
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