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Okuma pulzar baitfeeder reels

Adam Wylie

Senior Member & Supporter
Hi all,
can anyone tell me if apart from the numbers ,ie there any difference in body size between the
OKUMA PULZAR BAITFEEDER 4000 and 6000 please ?

Richard Dawson

Senior Member
Even the gear ratios are different and quite a difference in weight.

If it's to stick on a pair of Barbel rods (1.75 - 2.75) the 6000 is what i would pick.

Jim Mileman

Active Member
I've bought a couple of the Aventa 6000 reels to try this season. Obviously they haven't been on the bank yet but first impressions out of the box are that they are very smooth and appear well made. I would say they are a slightly more heavy duty reel than the Pulzar but the Pulzar is aesthetically more pleasing.
I got mine from Pro Tackle Shop, they're based in Poland but service was better than many UK shops and couldn't be beaten on price. Think they have them for £55 a pop. (6000 size)

Neil Smart

Senior Member
I have the Pulzar 4000, cracking reel and is a good fit on 1.75 rods, or smaller. But is by the gears might be a bit lightweight for hauling on the Trent. Don't have the 6000, but would imagine if just for Barbel it might be a better choice.
Anyway they wont displace my ancient 5010s or 6010s.
Plus second hand resale values not as good as the Shimmys 😉

Richard Dawson

Senior Member
I used the Aventa 6000's last season and caught quite a few Barbel.

I also own a pair of these:

And I prefer the Okumas. Fantastic Barbel reel 👍

Nothing wrong with the shimmies, but at a 5th of the price the Okuma Aventas punch well above their price point.
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Bill Walford

Senior Member & Supporter
Can’t speak for the Aventa’s Adam but have the Pulzar in both 4000 and 6000 sizes. The 4000’s I’ve used all spring on the Barbel Seeker 1.75lb TC’s I’ve been using for Tench. I chose them over my beloved Shimmy 4000 OC’s ‘cos they have a better line clip which gets plenty of use when I’m Tenching. The 6000’s are on my 2.25lb “Trent” rods. Got to agree with Neil and I wouldn’t dream of using the 4000’s on the big rivers with heavy feeders. They are a cracking reel with a precise adjustment of the front drag. Highly recommend them. Wish they came in a 5000 size. I’m happy to take some pictures for you to compare the sizing if you wish ?

Bill Walford

Senior Member & Supporter
Here yer go Adam. 4000 on the LHS. I thing Okuma’s are GREATLY underrated. Don’t worry about the resale value, run ‘em into the ground (if you can!) oh I wish they did a 5000 !