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Tim Marks

Senior Member & Supporter
Last season I had 7 club cards and fished waters of all but one. All were very reasonably priced. I also joined 2 expensive Stillwater syndicates.

This year I’ve dropped one of the syndicates and one club - so I can join a few more clubs (if needed) and will still be in pocket……

Being (semi) retired does open up more options. And being a general specialist angler demands a wider selection of waters.

Graham Elliott

Senior Member & Supporter
One of the problems is that probably two of mine, Once left, would be hard to get back into.
Next season, God willing, will drop the long distance ones apart from the Trent.
For the first time joined an expensive stillwater one. That 10lb tench is still desired.

As others say.....got my winter trotting ones, my barbel ones, my roach ones etc. Variety.

Simon Archer

Senior Member & Supporter
Two for me this year, down from three last year. Both I use for the Trent.

I've given up a local club membership that I've been in, on and off for years. I never went TBH. Local lakes and handy for a days fishing, but the current running of the club leaves a lot to be desired and I just don't use it, so it's gone.

Clive Kenyon

Senior Member
3 so far and only fished 2 of them last year. I think though G, when I am retired I will get a lot more, just like you to fill my fancy as, when and where. 🎣
Ha-ha! I have less free time now than when I was working a 40 hour three shift week.

I only have one 'membership'. It cost €100 a year and gives access to around 90% of all French rivers and the public lakes. I haven't got around to them all yet :)

John Allan

Senior Member
The most I had was three but I was down to one last year and may not renew. Like Phil my mojo has gone.
I was a bit like that a few years ago. I would have the car packed the night before and still find a reason not to go. Being semi retired only made it worse, as I would tell myself there was plenty of days off to go fishing.
Thankfully that seems to be behind me now- hope anyone else who has lost their Mojo gets it back soon.

Alex Fowers

Senior Member
Just the 1 club ticket for me, has everything I have time for rivers wise the Dove is 2 minutes from my front door and the Trent not much further plus plenty of lakes.

Richard Parsons

Senior Member
I have one too, Alex, The same as yours, but a lot further to travel. I may indulge myself and get another that's local (ish), however I said the same last year and didn't. The magic of the Dove and Upper Trent keeps me busy.

Rob Moore

Senior Member
Three for me this year, but I will only fish two and it's two going forward from now on (unless I move home when the BAA membership would be an option). I will only use two of the club waters as the third was just a backup plan in case I did not get into one of my preferred clubs.

Dean Aston

Senior Member
Did have 5 but drop to 4 but this season im not going to fish day ticket waters less one comes up that screams eels

Richard Dawson

Senior Member
Only 2 for me.

Pride of Derby renewed which i've held for about 3 seasons now.

And just joined Newark Pisc as an associate member after becoming endeared with the East Stoke section after a match last year and a friend is also a member. Plus i can take people along on a guest ticket :D

Other than that i'll likely day ticket the Trent at Fiskerton and Hoveringham.

Will be 3 eventually once i get to the top of the Ashfield Angling waiting list, only another 2 or 3 years 😆