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Magazine sale

Discussion in 'Fishing related classified' started by Joe Parody, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. Joe Parody

    Joe Parody Senior Member

    Having a clear out of my magazine collect with the following

    Coarse Fisherman February 1976 to August 1998

    David Hall's Coarse Fishing January 1985 to April 1996

    Coarse Fishing January 1982 to November 1982

    Coarse Angling January 1974 to December 1974

    Coarse Angler January1984 to July 1989

    Crafty Carper No.1 September 1977 to No 44 April 1981

    David Hall's Specialist Fishing November /December 1988 to September /October 1990

    Angling December 1971 to December 1974 various mags.
    All mags January 1975 to December 1977

    Coarse Fisherman Big Fish Magazine Bi Monthly 1984 to May/June 1988

    Big Fish World Summer 1990 to Spring 1992

    That's the lot 50 pence to £1 each.
  2. Paul Williams

    Paul Williams Member

    Some great reads there.....what would you want for all top two?
  3. Joe Parody

    Joe Parody Senior Member


    Hi Paul all of the first two lots comes to 255 magazines so I could do those for £140.
  4. Paul Williams

    Paul Williams Member

    Hi, Joe, i didnt realise how many there were, she would kill me!!.....such a shame to split them though.
  5. Joe Parody

    Joe Parody Senior Member

    Hill Paul how many did you want? Eachieve year permission obviously 12 issues
  6. Joe Parody

    Joe Parody Senior Member

    Sorry predictive text should check it. Meant to say each year is obviously 12 issues
  7. Matt Smith

    Matt Smith Active Member

    Hi Joe,

    I've got Big Fish World 1,2,4,5,6. If you are willing to split them I will take whatever issues you've got that I haven't?


  8. Joe Parody

    Joe Parody Senior Member

    Hi Matt I've got issues 1 to 7 which I think was all they produced all in mint condition in a Big Fish World red binder so I don't want to split up the complete set