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Looks like fishing from this Wednesday

Julian Marshall

Senior Member
I just found this on the Guardian web page but can't find an original .gov statement - maybe it's one of the things that have been leaked/dribbled out to the media? Hope it's right as I did buy a fly rod over the winter!
Unlimited exercise, some sports and meeting one other person outdoors to be allowed from Wednesday

As widely expected, people will be formally allowed to go out for exercise more than once a day. In addition, people will be permitted to meet and sit down with one other person, outdoors, if they remain two metres apart. The new rules will start on Wednesday, when people can undertake “unlimited amounts of outdoor exercise”, and sunbathe or drive to destinations for exercise. Sports including angling, swimming in lakes and rivers, tennis and golf will also be allowed, but only within household groups.

Phil Maggs

Senior Member
I found Boris a bit vague tbh, I suppose if you want to go fishing with a mate it would be in separate cars, meet at venue and keep social distancing..
wish it would be clarified a bit more about what you can and can't do, hopefully that will come in the next day or two..
providing fishing clubs open for fishing that is, will have to keep eyes peeled for announcements

Damian Kimmins

Senior Member
Of course it will all depend on what your respective fishery would like to do!

Richard Isaacs

Senior Member
The problem now is we are all gagging to cast a line along with every other Tom dick and Harry that owns a rod n reel.
If the clubs all open their waters on Wednesday imagine the crowds and chaos down at the lakes. Lots of people, full lakes it’s gonna be more social than I’d imagine they want it to be especially considering the rivers are closed as well.
I don’t think these clubs will be opening Wednesday and the ones that do will probably need to have a good think about numbers on the bank.

Dave Quinn

Senior Member
I’ll be on a very large, windswept Stillwater next week, but maybe not Wednesday which is my Mrs’s birthday. I might make sure it’s a very good one this year.

Mike Thompson

Senior Member
I agree, most still waters will be crowded. So I will take the opportunity to walk stretches of my local rivers and make plans for the 16th.
Might try a pond next week.

Eddie Bray

Senior Member
Still not sure what the rules are regarding distances we can travel?
According to Dominic Rabb this morning (BBC Breakfast) he stated that provided you keep to the 2 mtr social distancing you can drive anywhere in ENGLAND if you like from Wednesday. Not so for the other 3 home countries.