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Korum 8ft 2lb opportunist

Bought the 10ft 2.25lb version. Practically got it for nothing, as bulking up on terminal bits and bobs and an online retailer was offering a discount code. Whilst it’s probably too heavy for any Barbel ‘situations’ on the Hants Avon or Dorset Stour (my two book rivers), my thinking was 1) Ideal river piking rod and 2) Baitdropper rod attached to an old shimano loaded with braid. I’ve got one of those big ones of evilBay that deposits what must be almost a pint of hemp/caster per drop. I’ll try to remember to report back on the latter in the new season.
I’ve just sold the 8ft ones on here great little rods for small waters. I’ve got the 10ft ones aswell they might seem to powerful for barbel fishing but trust me once you bend into one the action on the 10ft ones are nice and will stop any barbel swimming whilst still having a decent feel to them
Used my 8ft ones today very impressed with the couple of chub I had in the. Very good for the money.
Are they more forgiving than they feel Clive? I feel they're more powerful than the stated 2lb TC (which means nothing to me about a rods power)

Mine feels a bit too stiff for chub fishing. it's more of a carp from lillies type of rod or pike from a boat type of rod for me.
i found them fine for chub and maybe just me but they seem a bit less then the 2lb stated tc but there still a nice little rod for the money only sold mine cause they wouldn’t of got used much
They are not delicate firm enough for barbel. I wouldn't say its a chub rod but it does suit my ambush style with boilies and playing a chub is fine detection of bites is a different story.