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Kind of Newbie?!

James Smith

After selling all of my gear just under 4 years ago to concentrate on my wildlife photography I started getting jealous of a friends recent catches and the juices got flowing once again!
Just brought a small set up to get me back into the swing of things and am looking forward to spending many evening blanking on a stretch of the Ouse only 5 mins from home (Turvey) - strange really when you think why I gave up as wildlife photography and barbel fishing go hand in hand (sitting quietly for a few hours and see whats around to then go back with the camera).

Anyhow, enough rambling from me - im looking forward to reading and hopefully contributing to the forum.


Jon Kennard

Senior Member
Two birds with one stone. Only 5 mins walk ! I'm hours drive away. Good choice I have started coarse fishing again regularly again after years of mainly fly fishing. welcome back

Mark Swaby

Senior Member
One of my haunts back in the early 90's was Turvey,but mostly above the road bridge where i had more success with the bigger fish, is it still rushden and higham ferrers above and Northampton Nene below ?. You could often hear the barbel coming through the bridge shallows after dark and knew you would be in with a chance. I used to love fishing there,until it got very busy. I remember every flood lots of barbel would move to the area about 100yds below the bridge just below the island /point, Time and our furry friends have changed the river, Good luck James and welcome back