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keeping dry recommendation

Gerry Giles

Senior Member
I have a Snugpak enhanced patrol poncho
What a brilliant bit of kit its got proper arms and if you were walking to your swim with a backpack on its designed to cover that too

my other hobby is metal detecting and on occasions mean your out in the open when the heavens open trust me this poncho will keep you completely dry I recently forgot it when fishing and got soaked thats not going to happen again 😝
checkout the reviews on the back packing forums

Terry Simner

Senior Member
Thanks Gerry. One lesson I've learned (the very hard and wet ar$e way) though is, if you're wearing a poncho sitting on your chair in the rain, make sure that the back of the poncho is over the back of your chair...completely. Otherwise you'll end up sitting in a puddle:eek:😰:eek: