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John Roberts Rod Bands by Andy Frances

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Steve Williams

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John Roberts Rod Bands by Andy Frances

John Roberts has come up with another of his excellent ideas that will subtley enhance your fishing experience for well under a fiver. Incredible value for money!

I've used the usual neoprene rod bands for over a year now and have always be happy with them. The only thing I don't like is the way the 2 rod sections always appear to twist themselves round each other along with the line, making the arrangment look decidedly uncomfortable! The John Roberts rod bands consist of two small rubber clips. One with a large open ring that fits the butt of the rod with a tiny clip attached that takes the tip of the rod. The other with two medium rings that fits at the opposite end housing the top of the butt section and the start of the top section.


The butt and tip band


The middle section band

In use I found that I could break down my rod and clip it up with the bands in 25 seconds, quicker than I ever could with the neoprene bands. The other advantage is that the two rod sections lie perfectly straight next to each other, and the line runs through all rings as it should without getting twisted up.

The only disadvantage I can see of using the John Roberts rod bands is that other items such as landing net handles, rolled up nets and bank sticks can not be indluded in the bundle that can be created with the neoprene alternatives.


BFW Rating

8 out of 10

Andy Frances

July 2002

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