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Hello from the banks of The Wharfe from a New Member


I've not fished for 30 years....
I used to do a lot of Specimen fishing when I was a teenager with my dad, mainly Carp, but also went for Chub, Barbel, Tench and Pike.
Following on from Lockdown, and walking over Tadcaster bridge 5 minutes from home, the Barbel, Chub, Carp and the odd Trout rekindled my interest in fishing again.
University, then other things took over, but was seeing Carp fishing in the early 90s, going into firing baits to the horizon and spending days behind a bank of rods. I was much more into stalking fish, rather than siegeing swims.
It seems like it has become even more like that now, with Commercial waters and fishing for "pigs in puddles", however I think I will revisit some of Leeds and Bradford No1s Carp waters, and see how much they have changed (and if my old tactics still work)

So I'm looking forward to the coming season, walking from home, stalking some nice fish, and maybe sometimes I will take 2 none matched self built carp rods, with Mitchell 300s, and chuck one on the old Delkim Optonics. They worked back then, they will work now. Its all about re-learning water craft and finding those fish.

As well as Tadcaster APA, Im looking at Leeds and Bradford No1, really to target the Rivers, and big Barbel. Anyone got any thoughts or suggestions?

Paul Whiteing

Staff member
:) Welcome Ian

Joe Winstanley

Senior Member
'I've not fished for 30 years....'

After a 6-year hiatus which saw no fishing, I came across on old episode of go-fishing on the Discovery Channel which inspired me to get back on the bank. The next day I bumped into an old friend in a tackle shop when I told him I hadn't wet a line in over 6-years his words were "once your a fisherman, it never leaves you". How true!

Enjoy your fishing Ian!

Graham Shaw

Senior Member
I came back to fishing in 2014 after a 36-year hiatus meself, and it's the Wharfe (for barbel) that has been the biggest revelation for me... but then so has the whole of Yorkshire compared to the rubbish venues I fished as a kid (Dee on Welsh border was a s good as it got for me back in the 70s, except for summer hols in Eire). That Taddy members-only length above the bridge is probably as good as anywhere in Yorshire - tight lines for the season!
Yeah, so lucky to live in Tad, cannot wait for the 16th, the Taddy only stretch really does look prime, and full of fish too. Bit of water coming down, river is up by about a foot, but will be dropping by 16th.