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Hahl Extrusions Topline

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Hahl Extrusions Topline


I first noticed this line at the NEC a couple of years back, and thought it a bit odd to have a whole stand devoted to just a couple of different products. Hahl Extrusions website can be checked out here. It is a copolymer line, which is prestretched, hence in use it has much less stretch than a standard mono.


First Impressions

At first glance at this line, I thought it was a little stiff, but being loaded on a fairly large diameter spool it still came off nice and straight with little memory. The line sat nicely on a pair of baitrunners, it was loaded by reeling off the side of the spool to avoid any twists, but I suspect it would still be OK loaded via a pencil through the spool. It hasn't had a great deal of use yet, but I have landed chub and tench to over 6lb, but I shall have to wait for the season to start before giving it a proper going over.


Topline is claimed to have high strength per diameter for improved casting, high abrasion resistance, high knot strength and also season long durability. The last point will be a tricky one to test, as I am quite sure I will still change my mainline every month or so anyway. It is marketed as a carp fishing line and is available in the following breaking strains/diameters.

I have been given the 14lb to test, which is just as well, as fishing on the Ouse with realistic chances of fish in excess if 15lb I don�t like to take too many chances with tackle.� Over the winter I have been using Suffix Tritanium in 15lb BS, mainly because it is incredibly tough, and will withstand a lot of abuse in bank high rivers, It is not really fair to compare this with Topline, accept to say that dipping a short length of each in my fish tank revealed the Topline to be a bit harder to spot, but this is probably due to reduced diameter.� The line was more visible than a length of 10lb fluoro however.

Knot Strength / Diameter

Knot strengths were tested using a couple of snap swivels and a bucket containing around 8lb of lead, I then added 4oz leads one at a time until the line failed. I tested a once-through-the-eye 5 turn grinner,twice-through-the-eye 5 turn grinner and a palomar knot 5 times each and I wrote the results down on the back of an envelope, which was lost within an hour or two! However I can say there was very little difference between the knots, and the average knot strength was a little over 14lb for each, the lowest break was at 13.5lb and the highest at 15.5lb. BFWs Mr Gadget AKA Bob Gill has measured the diameter, and the line was had a very consistent diameter of just under the stated 0.30mm.

In Use

So far I have been fairly impressed with the line, but will add to this review after a few months use to give an idea of how it is coping with monster barbel (I hope!)


A reasonably priced hi-tech mono which I reckon shall be a boon for summer day time fishing due to it's the low diameter and transparency, and particularly for its high knot strength compared to the diameter. A bit of use over the summer will give an idea of whether it can cope with the stress and strain of floodwater fishing with large leads, perhaps I shall just have to opt for the 16lb breaking strain!

Andy Davies
28th May 2004
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