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Free to attend meeting in York

Gavin Hoe-Richardson

Senior Member
I hope that this may be of interest to fellow Yorkies and anyone else in the area:

Barbel Stocks, Habitat work, Getting More People Fishing and the work of the EA

If you haven't registered to attend the forum on Wednesday then there is still time !

Angling Trust North Yorkshire Forum

In Association with the Environment Agency

Wednesday June 10th 2015

Mercure York Fairfield Manor Hotel

Shipton Road, Skelton
YO30 1XW

Tea and Coffee served from 6.45pm, meeting begins 7.15pm

The Agenda will include:

Barbel Stocks on the Swale and Wharfe - David Morley, Environment Agency
The Work of the Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust - Rita Mercer, YDRT
EA Work in North Yorkshire - David Morley, Environment Agency
Getting More People Fishing - Andy Loble, Angling Trust
Tackling Non Native Invasive Species in Yorkshire - Ailsa Henderson, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust
There will be question and answer sessions with all speakers

This meeting is free to attend and open to all. It is aimed at ALL freshwater anglers, Coarse and Game. It is a key opportunity to hear about the work of the Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust, how the Environment Agency spends your rod licence money, and hear how The Angling Trust is working hard to get more people fishing.

It looks like being a fascinating meeting, so if you love angling and fish in North Yorkshire, make sure you attend. To register, just drop an email to john.cheyne@anglingtrust.net saying that you wish to attend.

Stuart Brookes

Senior Member
Sounds like an interesting evening Gavin, a pity I have other arrangements for Wednesday evening.

Marco Tokarski

Active Member
would have liked to attend this meeting but cannot do so,due to work commitments.it would be interesting to hear the forum views on the ludicrous Topcliffe hydro scheme and helping with objecting against it.

Jon Frisby

Senior Member
Good luck with the meeting lads would love to come and hear the speakers. Just too far for me.

Bryce Henderson

Senior Member
Not an awful lot, The EA seem to agree that coarse fish numbers have declined although they say that there is a big increase in juvenile barbel in the Swale. There seems no definitive reason for the decline but they seem very lacking in historical data and would welcome match returns.
The YRDT seem to be doing a bit of fencing in the upper reaches and Yorkshire Wildlife would like reports on Hogweed, Knotweed and Balsome.
Lots of talk of "workshops", "strategic partnerships" and such management speak.
One guy from Angling Trust had a few ideas on obtaining support funds for projects (Andy Loble).
Not really a very good attendance with seemingly less than 10 clubs represented.
The pre meeting Wetherby Whaler visit was good though.
As I get older I become more cynical, "fine words" but "little action" seems to be the current vogue with government and pseudo government bodies.

Gavin Hoe-Richardson

Senior Member
Thanks Bryce, your efforts much appreciated. Some crumb of comfort then with the juvenile Swale fish.

Darren Scott

Senior Member
Thanks Bryce.

Good to hear about the Swale, but I wish it was the story on all our rivers up here.

Anthony Pearson

Senior Member
They want reports of Himalayan Balsam!!!! Have they been out on the river banks? How many million sightings do they want? No shortage of hogweed again this year so beware.

Match returns? Pah! I read a report the EA produced a few years ago saying that the average match weights on certain Yorkshire rivers had increased. The problem here lies with the statistics. In the halcyon days of river match fishing 40 anglers fishing every peg on a stretch would yield x amount of fish. With current match attendances down over the years, the same match on the same stretch fished by twenty anglers may yield y amount of fish. But, because the club will have eliminated the twenty worst pegs on the stretch before the draw, the anglers are more likely to catch so y/20 is greater than x/40. This gives a higher average catch per angler and from such figures the conclusion is drawn that the river is on the up!

Julian Marshall

Senior Member
I had a walk down the Tockwith York stretch last week & balsam was notable by it`s absence - I did see a notice about intent to spray with something special last year, so whatever it was it`s worked very well.

As a result the nettles are doing even better, however, so must remember to take some gloves when I hopefully get down there this week.

Bryce Henderson

Senior Member
Looking at the results, Knaresborough Pisc's have had a very diligent working party, scorched earth in lots of pegs, no need for gloves there. As Julian remarks the nettles are abundant.

Paul Deans

Senior Member
Having walked the Knaresborough Pisc's water at Tockwith myself, I would say that the work has been done more to access the pegs Bryce. Last year you could not actually find many of the pegs!

With many of the membership now of senior years, the old guys can now actually get to a peg and fish.
The pegs themselves remain intimate and with plenty of cover, just as they should be :)