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Free Spirit Hi S Barbel Rods, 12ft 2lb, Full Cork Handle

Rob Paylor

Active Member
Richard, I've had the hi-s 12 foot 2lb on order for a while now. Mate of mine gets them cheaper and he recons they are about ready. I'm not in a rush to get them so think I won't get my hands on them until May when we have our annual carp fishing social. Shame there's no where near me that holds these rods in stock to go and wiggle, but I'm hoping they're nice. My first full year has nearly passed and all I've used is the korum 12' 2lb rods and they've served me very well, from intimate Derwent swims to heavily flooded Wharfe and Ouse situations. They've done me many doubles on the Trent as well. If the Hi-S are as good I'll be happy to be honest! The korums, whilst obviously being built to a budget, have been A1 for my barbel fishing so far. I also now have a pair of Tackle Box's own Darent Valley 11 foot 1.75lb specialist rods which I intend to use on the smaller rivers or when travelling light :)

Richard Isaacs

Senior Member
Rob I think you will be very pleased with them. The Hi-S is the flagship blank and I’d imagine being an actual barbel rod it would have all the right power in all the right places.

I didn’t really like the Hi-S 2.25 HW rod for reasons ive mentioned above I found it quite lacking in guts. this wasn’t a ‘barbel’ rod though more an alround specialist heavier water rod and while some may love the soft action I wanted something a bit more gutsy. The S 2.25 big river barbel rod was far more to my liking when I got round to trying it.
I bought a pair of them and got alittle extra discount but these are off the peg models.
yours being customs will be extremely special rods I’d say.

Jon Elliott

Senior Member
The best thing to do is to get one of the 'Big One' like shows, Farnbrough and Stoneleigh i think this year, then the whole range is available to have a waggle on. Still very happy with my Hi S barbel rods though...