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Fox duo lite specialist float.

Richard Isaacs

Senior Member
So I won this rod in Dereks auction and it’s absolutely immaculate. Doesn’t look like it’s ever been put together.
Given the older duo lites are extremely well respected I didn’t expect to win it on opening bid but there you go.
So who can tell me what it’s good for? It’s 13foot it’s got a progressive action certainly no where near as tippy as my acolyte plus and it’s quite a bit heavier too. Will it handle barbel well with strong lines as it certainly feels more powerful with a more through action than the acolyte plus. Guides have a decent stand off the blank which I really like
It’s not fast action and obviously isn’t going to have the pick up of a tippy rod but would it do a good job as a small river barbel trotter.
The small rivers I fish hold some serious creatures and it’s certainly not like trotting for 6-8lbers on the Wye. If the rod hasn’t got what it takes to handle a good double then it’s not for this task.
If anyone has a fox specialist float with a good idea of what it will and won’t do that would be great. Cheers