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fly fishing off the beach

Mark Thompson

Senior Member
Driving along the coast road today between Dungerness and Greatstone I saw a fella walking across the beach towards the sea all kitted out with fly fishing clothing , waders, jacket ,hat etc. He was also carring a fly rod and reel.
I had just been down by the sea water with my dogs and it was very ,very murky.
What could he be planning on catching ?

Rhys Perry

Senior Member
Bass or mullet I'd imagine. One day I'll try it myself, mullet are supposed to be the British equivalent of bone fish, amazing fighters.

David Craine

Senior Member
Hi Mark, UK Salt water fly fishing is alive and well.

Species include Sea Trout, Bass, Mullet, Pollack, Mackerel, Garfish.
I have caught Flatties on fly in the Camel Estuary,I actually was targetting them after reading an article on the method.
Not being familiar with Dungeoness I am not sure what the angler you saw was after, but I understand it is quite a steep beach, and therefore it could be mackerel he was after, not sure what the bass situation is there.


Bill Walford

Senior Member
I’ve not been there for many a year but Dungie used to very good for school Bass. They could be caught very close to the beach because of the steep drop off. Only problem “was” that same drop off allowed trawlers to come quite close in as well. The “schoolies” being only small fish would not be keepers under the current size limits but would be great sport on weight 7/8 fly rod.

Mark Thompson

Senior Member
I am no expert but judging by where we walked a 12m cast could easily be into 4 or 5m of water, probarly deeper.
It was so very cloudy with sand I couldnt imagine anything seeing a fly or lure.
Yes guess mackeral would be fun.
Years ago Dungeness was packed day and night with anglers having some really good cod fishing.
Warm water expelled from the power station was one theory as to why the big cod , and other species I guess , used to come in so close.
Those days long gone....probarly otters😄