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Float rod for trotting

Hi peeps I'm new to this forum I'm mainly a carp angler and have been for the past seventeen years but due the the lakes becoming more and more busy ive decided to give the carp scene a break, I have done a bit of barbel fishing on my local the taff and also the Wye using the standard method of feeder or ledger fishing but I have allways wanted to have a go at trotting for them or rolling meat I am in the market for a float rod for trotting for them and have seen lots of recommendation of the drennan series 7 13 ft tench and specimen rod and wondered if it would be up the task on the Wye I will be using it with a okuma Sheffield centre pin if anyone has any feedback on theese rod it would be much appreciated also are there any decent stretches on the Wye that are good for trotting

Jon Frisby

Senior Member
Should be spot on. It's generally peg depth for length of rods for me. On the Trent 13 minimum but a 15 may be better. Drennan tench will be spot. on. I didn't reply earlier as the Drennan tench had such a good following. Top tip try dave harrells speci wags instead of the top and bottom approach.

Bill Walford

Senior Member
Hi Gareth

Welcome to the site and good luck with your trotting adventures. I can't contribute much other than to echo Jon's words that the Drennan Tench seems to have a good following. I'm a virgin just like you and will be tackling both the Trent and Wye with a float rod in hope of catching a float caught Barbel this year. I have a Drennan Power Float,which I believe is similar to the Tench rod, to try out, never caught a fish on it yet ( of any species) so will keep you posted...


Bill W
Hi fella I've just purchased one my self drennan 13ft power float £100 posted from Bristol angling i was going to go with the tench and specimen rod but thought the power float would be more suited to the rivers I will be fishing can't wait to have a go now
Tight lines fella

Steve Roffey

Senior Member
I purchased a Greys Prodigy 13' TXL Specialist Float earlier this year to use for tench and for barbel trotting. Up until Thursday it had only handled a few tench to 6lbs, then this cracking 8.03 took a liking to my trotted maggots, the rod did all I'd hoped for!