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fishing trent at north muskham

Hello gents/ladies,
My self and a friend are coming down to the trent for a couple of days staying and fishing at muskham moorings guest house.I will be specifically fishing for barbel,Any advice would be appreciated but was thinking a feeder on the top rod with pellets,hemp groundbait, bomb and pellet / boilie on same line 20 yards downstream on 2nd rod.I am thinking of a river at normal level here! Would this be a good approach? What size fish are in the area ? What weight feeders for nomal level ? Any advice appreciated haven't fished the trent for a long time!
Hello Andy and welcome . I am no expert on the trent so can't really advise , you might be better putting your enquiry up on the relevant trent thread on the message boards . For what it's worth your suggested approach for the barbel seems fine to me . Tight lines to you and your friend :D
Hi Andy,

I am no expert on the Trent but I have had some good times on the river. There is a really good head of dace and roach in the Trent that would get through a lot of your small food items, but if you were prepared to sacrifice some time for these they are sport in themselves. The biggest thing I have found is feeding small amounts often even if you're not getting bites. The shoals of fish in there are probably quite large and you need to hold them as well as draw them in. I've not found a bait that doesn't work but pellets are heavily used by a lot of anglers.

Best of luck, I hope there is a little rain before you go.

Paul Hayes

Senior Member
Andy just a couple of tips, it's low and clear at present but there are still rewards to be had if you persevere. Don't do what a lot of anglers do and that's a big feeder cast half way across the river. If you find some depth and flow close in persevere with that line. Good luck.
Thanks Paul, I guess from what you have said the big feeder isn't working.Is it more a case of introducing small amounts often ? I fish the swale in yorkshire so I am used to this approach.
regards Andy.