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Fishing For memories a must See!!!

Alex Chalmers-Wilkes

Senior Member
Id just like to point out that if you havent seen it on YouTube then please take a look. Fishing for memories by Mark Erdwin is really eye caitching. Such simple tactics and lovely small rivers can really produce some good stamps of fish. And mark Erdwin who films and editors all his own sessions is really aspiring to watch. Such a calm softly spoken man with a well put together video is really hard to stop watching. Iv seen other all round videos by other anglers who are all jumping about like cracker jacks boring you to death with how they fix the feel in place to how they tie a hook. But i dont see that with these videos. Just straight talking no fancy bull shit jargen and simple fishing which clearly produces some amazing fish. With many people working from home or those of you with a quick 15 mins have a quick look a real pleasure to watch.
Tight lines 👍🎣

Richard Isaacs

Senior Member
Hes a member on here. He puts his catches up on the gallery. His videos are very good I’ve seen quite a few.
he can certainly put some chub and barbel on the bank from those harder small waters he fishes. Good angler and good at putting some informative videos together. Definitely a thumbs up 👍🏻

Edward Adcock

Senior Member
I enjoy Mark's videos too. If you are interested in lure fishing or even if it's not your cup of tea I recommend:

Perch Jesus - soft plastics lure fishing for perch. He is awkward in the early ones but every perch angler can learn from him.

Charlietomato (start with the early ones) - barramundi fishing around Darwin with lures.

Maelstrom Fishing (start from number one and work through them in sequence). Skilful Serbian angler sponsored by Duo who, in my opinion, make the best lures.

They won't be to everyone's liking but you will probably be prepared to watch anything in a few weeks time...

Adam Francis

Senior Member
Yep, excellent videos and not a carp in sight! I've subscribed for a while and really enjoyed the recent float fishing on the river and also the tench videos he filmed. Well worth a look if you haven't seen them!