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Fish you have seen that have blown you away but never caught

Terry Harman

Senior Member
Back in 2010 I was in a very well known syndicate eggetts in st ives cambs whilst out in the boat looking for some likely spots to fish I spotted what at first I thought was a carp.. as the boat drifted over the top of it in the crystal clear water I could see it was a tench it would have made a glass eye water I estimated it at the time at the very least 12-13lb

Mark Walker

Active Member
I used to go with my wife to Mottisfont Abbey in Hampshire. you can walk along the river Test there and in amongst the trout were roach that made me cry that no fishing was allowed. I fished the Test loads of times but never had a roach amongst the big trout and grayling

Dave Quinn

Senior Member
Back in the early 1980s while trout fishing at Grafham in early September, i saw 4 enormous trout well into double figures. We had been dapping with daddy long legs earlier in the day and had some success. Unfortunately, the wind had died completely and there was a flat calm. We tried casting a fly to the fish but couldn't get the boat near eniugh to them to cover them before they moved away further up Savages Creek. Boy did we pray for a breeze! When some breeze came up several hours later, we did drift across the area but no sign of them.
I used to fish for trout with my Dad at Grafham water a longtime ago, we did a couple of the pike days too. He had a 9lb bream which was a big fish back then, and on one trip I saw a huge carp leap out of the water

Richard Isaacs

Senior Member
Some much better pics today of a huge chub surface feeding.
Unlike the other one on the first page of the thread we ain’t gonna be busting any records here but it’s gotta be knocking on the door of 6 plus.
There was quite a few about taking big lumps of bread but she was the biggest and surprisingly the best at posing for the camera.

Chris Fox

Senior Member
When I first moved to London about nine years ago I was walking a stretch of the Colne in early June when I saw some Barbel feeding on gravel. No doubles but all around 8lb I would have guessed. Then a chub dropped back from streamer weed just above this depression in the gravel. The biggest chub I've ever seen which was bigger than all of the Barbel. A known fish according to the stretch owners that they reckoned would go 9lb. Sadly, I didn't ever make contact with it!

Richard Isaacs

Senior Member
From my personal experience they’ve got to be one of the smartest clued up fish that swims in British waters when they get big.
A lot might disagree but from targeting and my personal fascination with them for decades they certainly seem to be wiser than barbel in many ways from my experience.
Barbel are more of a frightened fish and vacate the premises the moment they suspect you are around but chub fall back and stay close. They will still rob your loose feed coming down and ignore anything that looks remotely suspicious even though they are fully aware that you are there. You might not see them but they haven’t gone far.
If you catch a chub it’s a well known thing to pop it back well down stream because they go back and spook out all their mates.
I like to think they grass you up😉
They are the worst for heading in the snags no matter what colour the water is
They know how to test a bait and avoid getting caught on self hooking rigs. 1/4 of a tin of spam in the right conditions can really excite a barbel. Jack pot for them but to a chub that’s alarm bells ringing and they seem far happier with something that looks smaller and less conspicuous.
It’s all my opinion this by the way from just spending time observing and fishing for them. Who really knows what goes through their minds. One day I hope to catch an 8. I fish the right places for them so theres a chance.
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