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First barbel on the bank

Richard Askew

Active Member
First I would like to say a big thank you for welcome and all the advice I got from my first “newbie” post.
I had my first day targeting barbel today, I decided on the nidd at skip bridge and braved the nettles and oppressive sun, found myself a peg that looked good to me and settled in. I’ve always heard and read people talking of savage nature of barbel bites wow after very nearly loosing a rod I now have first hand experience of this. The fish was off like missile to the nearest snag then shortly after threw the hook I was gutted. The day went on with not another touch I was considering going home and then thought of one of the replies to first post saying at skip bridge you will do better at dusk so I think ok I’ll do another 30 minutes 29 minutes later bang big old slackliner wind down strike then all hell breaks loose epic scrap to keep the fish out of the snags they really do scrap, then banked my first ever barbel and what I think is a good size at 7 pound 3. I’m over the moon and also a bit worried I might have peaked too soon. Apologies for the photos I have the phone lent against my
chair they’re not great. And one is upside down

B08DE1ED-0EDE-4798-9B16-A77833906B57.jpeg <edit - it was a shame this one was upside down, so I inverted it for you - paul4>


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Gavin Hoe-Richardson

Senior Member
Well in Richard, chuffed to bits for you.

I was going to offer to guide you for free of course for your first barbel as I've done for many others. No need now!

Mike Thompson

Senior Member & Supporter
Brilliant Richard, I am delighted for you.
our Yorkshire rivers can be hard work, but as you discovered the scrap is worth waiting for.