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Extending Landing Net Handle by Andy Thatcher

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Steve Williams

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Extending Landing Net Handle by Andy Thatcher

A strong handle that extends to ten and a half foot. It comes in two varieties either light or heavy.


In Use
I bought the Conoflex 10 months ago and have used it for all my fishing since. As I have said before I tend to fish for most species so a net handle that is equally adept at dealing with everything from cats to barbel is a great idea.

The ability to extend it was a feature I have been looking for as most of the handles predecessors were definitely lacking in that facility. The times I have nearly over balanced trying to do this and scaring the life out of me made this seem a good thing.

Great concept that fails due to the release mechanism that lets you extend the net. Mine seized 4 months ago leaving me having to pull out the extension.

Not the answer to my dreams but then I have not been able to find any alternative, as yet.

£39.99 for the heavy version

£38.99 for the light version

BFW Rating

3 out of 10

Tragic basic fault on an expensive item

Andy Thatcher February 2002
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