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Drying Muckboots/Grubs

David Maddison

Senior Member
I have just recently started to remove the insoles from my Muckmaster Muckboots and leave the bag open and they dry out much quicker and they don't smell. I would wrap them up in a bin bag and place them in there before and although i don't have really sweaty feet they were a little damp and i did notice the smell!


Fred Haskins

Active Member
To dry my Tay Sport Muckboots I roll down the neoprene uppers down as far as they go and remove the insole and then leave in a dry place. To give my feet the best chance to stay warm for the day I put the boots in the cars footwell and turn the heater on them for the trip to the river. I only roll them back up just before I put them back on.

Derek Funcks

Senior Member
Keith, these are the snowline version so have an insulated sole. The heat doesn't get through the boot to dry it when they are on the radiator, trust me I've tried. We have a twin fin radiator in the hallway and even when it was banging out the heat, they stayed wet. Putting the boots alongside it didn't work as the neoprene gives it the insulation I bought them for in the first place. If I can find a way to hang them upside down over the radiator, I may have more luck! In the meantime, it's insoles out and newspaper in (and changed regularly) until I can set the hairdryer on them.
Anthony, can't you turn them upside down and squeeze them down between the 2 fins ?

Ian Sewter

Senior Member
Depends how wet they are!! If you have fallen in the oggin turn them upside down to pour the water out then newspaper then hair dryer. I have two wooden broom poles each with a short piece of wood hammered on the end so like a figure 7 with a short top line. These slide in the boots or waders so they can be supported upside down eg over a warm source such as a radiator, in airing cupboard etc. However I normally use BAMA Sockettes which absorb the sweat and leave the boots fairly dry - but they are thick so you would probably need a bigger size of boot.

Anthony Pearson

Senior Member
The boots are just wet from sweat. if I'm wearing overtrousers over the boots, there's not much chance of the boots 'breathing' while I'm wearing them. Yes, newspaper does soak up most of it over time (having replaced the original paper a couple of times) but I was hoping for a better way. If I was blowing air into the boots I could see how they could dry upside down, but if hot air rises (ie. if shoved between the fins of the radiator), how does the moisture escape an upturned boot? I it just a slow circulation of air that does the job?

BTW I haven't tried the hallway radiator...life's too short!!

Dave Aylett

Senior Member
Scrunch up balls from old newspapers. Stuff your boots from toe. Leave overnight and remove. You'll have damp newspaper and dry boots every time..

Stuart Prescott

Senior Member
i simply remove the insole, then lay them down on top of the tumble dryer , that provides the gentle heat for them to dry inside