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Drop shotting

Been looking at this exciting method for catching perch and passing the cold months. So after watching lots of YouTube videos and reading I went to the tackle shop and spent some money. More than I intended admittedly, I thought I just needed the rod but after seeing the reality of it’s size a new reel and some incredibly thin braided mineline to suit. So tomorrow morning il be off down the water works hunting the stripes. Not massively confident and don’t want to get too excited but there’s a definite child like excitement to try something different. Anyone else doing this?
Been at it a few years after witnessing a pal empty the Trent of big perch in a couple of hours. I don't always drop shot with the bottom lead, often just small lures on a small jig-head, there's certainly something in it. Had a PB perch of 3lb07oz using the method.

Mark Mole

Senior Member
Good fun method tapping,quite therapeutic.I've found locating the shoals with a small jighead is best, covers more water much quicker.When some perch or small Zander have been located then switch to the dropshot for a bit more finesse.
Been dropshotting for a few years and a really good way of fishing a lot of water as in my experience the fish make their presence known pretty quickly
Nice way to fish in winter as it keeps you active and you can travel really light and cover a lot of swims.
Had a lot of jack pike which are great fun and can't remember losing one as all hooked in the scissors - also caught a 24-4 river pike as a fluke on a minnow - some scrap on that gear, how I landed it I'll never know.And this was on 10ln braid and flouro and a single hook( 4 or 2 I think)
Also had perch to 2-12 and would love to catch chub on them but no joy to date.
Like lure fishing you need to experiment with retrieve rates, depths, size and colour of lure until you find the combo that works
I like to fish tight to features and keep the minnow ' dancing' in one spot before literally inching it back to me, way slower than retrieving a lure, more like sink & draw for pike, as you do get a lot of bites as the minnow drops back- oh and hit everything.
Sometimes only the tiniest movement of the rod is needed to impart action into the lure. I have seen big perch spooked by too aggressive an action but it really is trial and error. Do try and keep the weight in contact with the lake/river bed so it is an anchor and you jig the lure against the weight
Most of all persevere - the videos make it look dead easy, but like all new methods it can be frustrating but keep experimenting and it will click and loads of fun will ensue:)
I'm no expert just a few observations from my own experiences.
I only started dropshotting this year. Agree with all of the above, it's a great method for a cold winters day as it's quite active and you can enjoy a long walk along the canal or river and cover a lot water. I like the fact that I can do it quickly, before or after work and keep the kit in the car as it's small and minimal. The complete opposite to session angling for tench or carp when I seem to end up taking everything, including the kitchen sink. Best bit of advice I can give is to try dropshotting lobworms. Can often work when the lures just aren't doing it. No perch can resist a big juicy lob snaking past it.
Any Joy Stephen?

I have had a bash on the lower stour and Christchurch key for nought (fortunately I had all the gear anyway from my days as a Sydney 'brim' fisherman). have to say I found it a little tedious, think I will just take small jigs next time such as the smaller sized fish black minnows etc, cover a lot more water with micro shads mounted 'traditionally' on weedless jigheads.
I’ve only been once sadly, been working flat out. Admittedly I didn’t do very well but I didn’t do myself any favours, picking a swollen coloured Stour. I worked my way through the mill pool down through the burn bank to school bridge, not a knock. I had in my head to hit the Weir pools at the local water works but it’s a no spinning venue... grr. Really I should hit the lakes for the water clarity I spose. I’m pretty keen to try the method with lobs and live minnows.
I like that idea - using lobs, never thought about that but makes perfect sense
Been off the rivers for a month so can't wait to get out Saturday and providing not too much snowmelt still coming into the Swale may well have a go with the worms, as I'll have some for chubbing anyway