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Drennan Specimen Plus Hooks


John Buller

In a word.....yes.

I like these hooks for maggot/caster and small pellets,normally a 12/14 hair or d rig with artificials to balance them out.
The long curved point seems to stay in well for a small hook,and they stay sharp over gravel.
Pallatrax is another good option in smaller sizes.

Alex Warren

I use them for my winter maggot approach. They’re pretty robust and quite similar in pattern to the Drennan Barbel hooks, just less of an inverted eye. Possibly slightly wider gape. They last pretty well on the gravel bottom of the Hants Avon, I’ve had to change the odd one here or there, but that’s par for the course. Not caught a Barbel on them yet, but had a few big Chevins. Also Carp to low doubles when I took a friend down to a local lake. Decent hooks IMO.