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Crap Reel handles.

Alex Dalton

Senior Member
Have had two handles part company on Daiwa black widow BR 5000A , both went, just at the pin joint whilst reeling in ,managed to put a older spare handle off a regal reel , but have not been impressed with quality of handles .

Jon Young

Senior Member
Managed to get a double handled one ,still left with one that the handle has parted company at the ball joint, the old regals had much more robust handles in my opinion .
Loved my old regal. Still have it as back up. I got one off eBay a year or so back for my mate for just over 20 quid and it was absolutely mint. Didn’t look as though it had ever been used. Last time I looked on eBay they were selling for the same price I got mine New Years ago

Alex Dalton

Senior Member
Will have to get another regal as a back up, very robust with a chunky bail arm, like the click, click, sound as a fish takes line on the baitrunner.

Nick Hodgkinson

Senior Member
why i only buy Shimano - lol!

but i have owned Daiwa reels in the past such as the SS300 and Tournies - frankly non failed to impress

i'm greedy but i stopped counting my Shimano reels when i got over 40!

everything from the Big Blue baitrunner (thunnus in USA) - through many 'white' Stradics made in Japan - then the Technium MGS in the small sizes (probably the best reel EVER made?) - Rareniums in various guises - Aero Feeder (new generation) - Aernos - multiple 'baitrunners in smaller sizes
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Alex Dalton

Senior Member
Managed to find a very large older Daiwa baitrunner reel with no decals , now,t wrong with handle and a silent bait-runner, will have to road test in a few weeks , did sell a shimano Aero, as I like to not be a so much stuff that gathers dust in the corner mechant.

Paul Richardson

Senior Member
guilty as charged your honour!

bit like a magpie - buy shiny new toys

in my defence i do use the reels (so probation?)
I have used Shimano for 20+ years and pick up 6000/8000 Aero GTs ( 1990's style) when I see them at the right money as great for barbel, river piking
Get them serviced every season and wouldn't swap them for anything. Not in your league but I must have 9 or 10. Just nice to be able to pick a rod/reel off the rack for a specific river/swim/ condition without having to swap and change all the time.
Tried Daiwa on 4000 series and really liked them but just not built to last. Clutch/spool release knob broke after a couple of barbel sessions.
Just ordered some Cadence reels to replace them as they had a deal on -BOGOF
Look and feel cracking reels for the money but time will tell.