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Cork vs Duplon

Simon Archer

Senior Member & Supporter
Cork for me.

I once took all the cork off a match rod handle but left just enough for the rings. Looked quite good I thought with the bare Carbon below the reel.

Bob Gill

Staff member
Duplon - cheap and makes assembling rod handles easy and characterless. Some types can feel 'squishy' when wet.
However, consistent and convenient.

Cork - can be expensive to the extent of eye watering. Can be difficult to work and shape. Available in made up bored cylinders but still relatively costly. Also available in many patterned, decorative reconstituted varieties which can be more robust than natural cork. Love the feel of cork handles.

Keith Humphreys

Senior Member
Cork every time, so much so that I had the small piece of duplon above the real seat of my Harrison's replaced as I hated it and thinking of having my original Greys Prodigy duplon butts replaces as well :p

Bill Walford

Senior Member & Supporter
Cork any day. Prefer the feel and it’s more visible in the dark !

Robert West

Senior Member & Supporter
Cork on all river rods, duplon on carp carp rods.
IMO cork is wasted on carp rods especially mine they sit in the rests for days most of the time🤣🤣🤣