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combi rig help

have read a few articles ,threads etc about the combi rig ,having asked what materials to use I was given loads of choices but went for iq flouro in 15lb and ntrap braid in 15lb ,firstly ive never used anything but mono for my fishing so ive no experience in using these materials , my thinking was to use this set up with a size 14 hook for casters ,maggots but when trying to tie hook to braid with knotless knot I could not pass the braid through the eye twice ,is there another knot I could use or is braid something you cant use with small hooks ,any advice would be most helpfull .

Jon Frisby

Senior Member
Just go once through the eye. Its only on multiple catches that some wear can damage the braid. Generally after 5 to 10 fish.
I pretty much use braid exclusively, especially for hooklengths & have never had that problem although the smallest hook I would use would be a 12.

If you're targetting barbel then an option may be to use a large enough hook (12 or 10) & use a couple of fake maggots on the hair or if you want to use live maggots then use a maggot clip to present a bunch of maggots.

Hope that helps?