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Coloured Braid

Terry Simner

Senior Member & Supporter
I use fluorescent yellow when long trotting, with 2-3m of fluorocarbon leader, and it's fine. Great for seeing when your line needs 'mending'.

Richard Parsons

Senior Member
I don't use that colour, but don't foresee any adverse effects when legering with it.
Probably worth a try when you're not expecting a blank! :)

Tony Stone

Senior Member
You could always try and soak it in a clothes or fabric dye?

I would have no issues using lime green braid for lure fishing, but not sure I would use it for ledgering without colouring the last few metres closest to the lead/feeder.

Richard Isaacs

Senior Member & Supporter
Who knows if they really care about line colour or not, I’d imagine probably not unless on really spooky waters where they’ve wised up to most things. I’d say if your having doubts don’t use it because confidence is a key player to succeed