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Club Memberships...how many?

Graham Elliott

Senior Member
Well it seems I have purchased membership of 8 Clubs this year.....

Four of which I have fished just twice and unlikely to fish again this season.

So. Going to stick to four next season. One being a fair drive, one a distance, two being local.

How many have you got?

David Craine

Senior Member
Only the one,as I like to be able to fish a reasonably local water whenever I want within reason, but I also like to fish a variety of other venues, maybe only once a year, so it is far more economical for me to go the day ticket route .

I have been only fishing day ticket venues for about ten years or so, but this year decided to invest in the one local(ish) club full membership, which has paid off .

I have the benefit of quite a lot of good day ticket venues within about a 90 minute drive , so am really in the best position for my preferences.

Four, if you count the BS permits. One I haven’t used at all yet this season and I suspect I might not, but who knows? None of them are exactly local, the nearest 70 miles or so. I don’t know what that tells you, except I do far too much driving!

Rhys Perry

Senior Member
Just the two these days, Albert ticket covers a lot of water and the local brook ticket, which gets fished a handful of times.

Mark Nicholls

Senior Member
Only two for me, might become three if we ever get some rain and the little stream that's the Mole becomes a river again :(

Ady Brayshaw

Senior Member
Only 2 for me Graham and I find I don't get to use those as much as I'd like. I'm thinking of a third to give me greater options.

John Newman

Senior Member
Coarse fishing, four plus two syndicate waters and a syndicate trout water. Oops! tell a lie, five + syndicates. More water than I will fish in a lifetime let alone a season. Spoilt for choice.

Alan Palmer

Senior Member
5 club books and 1 syndicate ....rarely fish 3 of the club books but 2 of them have waiting list so reluctant to relinquish those and 1 club book I have been a member since being a kid where the fishing isn’t anything to shout about but I just feel a sense of loyalty as it’s where I spent most of my childhood

Gary Wagstaff

Senior Member
3 club books .Albert Ribchester and Burton one is going but keeping the Burton the one i have to travel

Terry Simner

Senior Member
7, but I hardly ever fish 3 of them .. but with some of them costing £30 or less I've kept them on. All that water and at the moment I can't find a single swim I'd really like to fish ...whilst I rest an area that I've plundered over the last month. Should I join another club? 😳 ?

Joe Winstanley

Senior Member
3 clubs, 2 stillwater syndicates, 1 river fly-fishing syndicate.

3 of the clubs are largely based on the Trent and tribs and only cost £120 for all 3, bargain I think.

Will probably renew them all next season.

Didn't bother renewing the BAA ticket after the 'Marcliff massacre'.

Steve Roffey

Senior Member
Four for me, one of which has been a total waste this year as I only have it for the tench fishing! One of the others is likely to go next year as I can't find the time to fish all the waters i have access to.