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Cheap twin tip rods

Iain Tutt

Senior Member
I can highly recommend the TFG classic barbel rods. About £41.00 with free P&P from Fishtec. Full Cork handles the action is a though action. Good reel seat. They are really well made. The 1.5 and 2lb. The 1.5lb I've had it nearly bent in half. Also had a 35.7lb Carp with the 2lber and it handled it perfectly. Would make a great flood water rod.
Shame they don't make 1.25lb rods anymore as my River and pit and stream and lake X1 models are brilliant. But they are made from Free spirit blanks.

Gerry Giles

Senior Member
Hope when you have had a few on it you can give a review ?

as personally I had never heard of them and I know from my carp fishing days just now and again a cheap budget rod turns out to be based on top end rods blanks !
Well the rod arrived yesterday. Impressed with the quality of it, a nice matt blank and had my son hold the 2.75lb tc and loads of power all the way to the butt. Nicely balanced with a Shimano 6000 and looking forward to give it a try in March on the Trent.
I have a pair of the Advanta Barbel twin tips. Had them a few years now, brought them when I first got into Barbel. Didn’t want to pay strong money for a rod I might not use very often. It became my go to rod for the river and because it’s cheap I was happy to let it rattle around in the van. I brought another a little while later if that tells you anything.
I’ve recently replaced it with a Korum unit and tbh the difference is noticeable, weight and action wise. However for what I paid for them, on sale they’ve earned thier keep.