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Centrepin reel

Hi guys was looking at getting a centrepin reel for my river fishing but have no idea where to start. Ideally want to spend between £40-£100 and will mainly be using it for barbel and chub any advice would be fantastic

Hi Sean,

I've got a fair few pins of various vintage that I use regularly, if I'd have to recommend one in that sort of price range it would be the Okuma reels. I regularly use the K-1002 (Kennet), VT-1002 (Aventa) and Martin Bowler special edition, all are very smooth and bombproof. Lots come up second hand on eBay.
Sean , Gavin's advice is spot on, the Okuma's are well engineered and hard to beat value wise, I have an Aventa pro and it has given me years of solid service despite being bashed about , trodden on etc . Buy with confidence :)
Have a look at a TFG classic. You can pick one up for £40, they are a cracking reel to use, I have two of them and would recommend them to you.

Mark Swaby

Senior Member
Sean the tfg classic with a line guard Mick recommends would be a great start, a very impressive reel for the money.No point going over the top on expense to start with.
Sorry for the late reply haven't been able to get out fishing much but have been offered a jw young rapidex reel that is in pretty good condition just a few small chips to the paint for £50 is that a good deal or a bit pricey?
Cheers I go it seems good has old line on it and some thicker stuff almost like really thick braid the line was attached to with a water knot is this something I should replace or remove when I out my new mainline on

I have no more than 50m on my pins to avoid bedding in with a big fish, I'd take it all off and start afresh with what you know and trust.
I have a total of 50m, if you put 100m on you'll probably find that the line beds in after a decent fish and won't run smoothly off on your next cast. Remember that you're not casting to the horizon with a pin so you don't need as much line as you may have on a fixed spool reel.
For barbel, 3lb line is on the light side if you're hoping to land more than you lose. 6lb at least for float fishing; 8lb if there's a chance of a larger fish.

The line you've mentioned is fine for chub, however.