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CATCH CULT 11 Update

Once again apologies for the delay in Catch Cult 11, going to print early January.
There is plenty to look forward to with yet another great variety of quality pieces, plus Mr Crabmeat and reviews etc
The line up for CC11 is as follows:
1. Travelling action man Roman Buczynski climbs Europes highest mountain to find the source of the River Rhone and catches some big carp.
2. Eel fishing legend Barry McConnell catches eels in Australia to over 20lb, not for the feint hearted!
3. Well known angler Stewart Allum writes about his early days chub fishing and the development of the Chub Study Group.
4. Phil Wakeford travels to Canada for some musky fishing. Part 1 of 2.
5. Theo's regular diary piece begins catching big carp in France and ends with big barbel on the Trent and a corking float caught barbel on the Wye.
6. Successful barbel angler Julian Barnes discusses his approach to angling for big barbel.
7. Neville Fickling keeps us up to date with his antics in his Predatorial spot.
8. BIG roach fishing. Daniel Woolcott goes in search of monster roach...and succeeds!
9. Well known Gloucester angler John Costello writes about the development of angling on the Cotswold Water Park.
Rob and I would like to thank all at BFW for allowing us to keep you posted with Catch Cult.
Thanks to all who have supported us over the last 2 years.
Have a Very Merry Christmas and be lucky in 2019!
Cheer :)

Neil Smart

Senior Member
The' Development of Cotswold Water Park? Not so sure about that one, I used to live in South Cerney, and the Tench fishing was second to none, plus other species incl fantastic Rudd and Bream, sadly mainly single species now with Carp being the money spinner. But Dave is a good bloke and I am sure it will be a good read.
Sorry Neil 'The Rise and Fall' of the water park. Agree, as much as I enjoy my carp fishing I class myself as an all round angler and would love to have those species available.

Neil Smart

Senior Member
Sorry Neil 'The Rise and Fall' of the water park. Agree, as much as I enjoy my carp fishing I class myself as an all round angler and would love to have those species available.
I know... I appreciate that some of the lakes have been utilised to support carp, whereas in the past they were just empty of anything apart from what naturally occurred through however that was brought about, but I am sure these new fisheries are being well managed, and offer good sport for many.
As an aside John Costello is something of a lucky charm for me, first time I bumped into him was just after me exiting a very overgrown peg, on the W.A where I thought no one else was aware of.... I just had an epic battle with a superbly fit double Barbel that I was lucky to win, as the peg was 'ruined' I was sat down still shaking and then JC appeared from nowhere planning to fish 'my' peg. I wished him luck after a chat, but the next time I saw him was on the Lower Severn, and he confirmed what I suspected he blanked.
But that same day he slipped into a peg that I know produces with some water on, and sure enough he didn't fail with a superb double, I was told, after he left. I was struggling so like a tart I I slipped into his peg, and managed a couple and a double too.
Thanks John:D