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Carp'R'Us Gizmo Quick Change Links by Bob Gill

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Steve Williams

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Carp'R'Us Gizmo Quick Change Links by Bob Gill
Updated 29th September 2003

Gizmos are quick change links and provide a quick and efficient way of changing bits of terminal tackle. In certain situations, I'll use directly hooked soft meat baits and wanted an alternative way of hooking them to the usual method of pulling the hook through the bait with a baiting needle. This will weaken the bait, so pulling the hook into bait from the hook length end seemed to offer a better alternative. I didn�t fancy using a loop and threading this onto my swivel, neither did I want to use a link swivel as they can be a bit fiddly. So, a quick link system appeared the best option, allowing me to quickly change various presentation hook lengths. After looking around for something suitable I finally settled on buying some Gizmo�s.


The Gizmo Bits

As usual for me, I set about testing the links for strength and tied a piece of 30lb line, attached it to an immovable object and pulled to test for any sign of the link opening. No problems here - the links passed the test.


In Use
The following pictures are self-explanatory and show the link being used to connect the hook length of a terminal rig.

I've used these links now for a couple of months and use them when I want to change hook lengths rapidly.

I have one small criticism of the link as I found that the gap at the swivel entry point a bit on the narrow side and had to open it out slightly with a pair of pliers.

Carp'R'Us stockists - I got mine from The Tackle Box in Kent - Telephone 01322 292400 or from their website at www.tacklebox.co.uk

Price £2.99 for a starter pack (4 links and rubbers). Packs of separate rubbers and links are also available.

Good bits of kit - but a bit pricey. I'll continue to use them with confidence.

BFW Score

8 out of 10 - would have been higher but for the price.

Bob Gill (bgit) March 2002

Update - 29th September 2003

I've used these since the review date and found another supplier of the clips. At £1.45 for 10 they represent much better value for money and perform as well as the original reviewed item. The clips come from Gemini - tackle you can rely on and are known as Gemini Snood Clips. Alternative tail rubbers can be sourced from a number of specialist carp tackle manufacturers or rig bit suppliers.
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