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Black pudding for bait..

Alex Dalton

Senior Member
Ditto , very nice brekkies the other day , one pudding still in freezer , cant smuggle it out for next weeks trent session either !

Clive Kenyon

Senior Member
I made some meatballs out of rough pork mince, breadcrumbs and flavoured them with smoked paprika. They went down a treat and it got me thinking of making some smaller ones for fishing.

I put the mince through a blender to make it smoother, added some sieved maize meal and crushed hemp so it was the same consistency as bread crumbs, added salt and smoked paprika, and after mixing rolled them into balls of around 25mm. These were cooked in an oven on 180C for thirty minutes on a raised grill to stop them swimming in their own juices. They make lovely tough baits that have loads of attraction for barbel and with the addition of the maize and hemp meal, are more dense than luncheon meat so can be broken up and loose fed. I bag them and keep a stock in the freezer.

Rob Weldon

Senior Member
I used to take it with the intention of fishing with it,but ate it all,on occasions,particularly in winter have eaten just about every form of tinned meat available,plain old Spam still a favourite,but some of the new Polish meats,coming very close,just started fishing with lobs again :oops:.My old mate Plummer used to eat cheese paste.