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BIG PERCH in commercials

Nick Hodgkinson

Senior Member
after over thirty years fishing for big carp i now fish only for big bream/roach and perch

the old saying springs to mind 'perch thrive on neglect'

and nothing could be more true than in commercial carp puddles - huge fricking perch well over 4lb and hardly ever caught

the problem is the stupid rules on commercials eg max hook 14 and no livebaits

put on a prawn or a lobworm and even on a half frozen lake you cannot get past starving carp

i have bent, ok, broken the rules and the results are stunning - but the 'noddies' soon get me banned

i truly believe a 7lb+ perch is well on the cards from many of these commercial puddles - they have unlimited food resources and zero angling pressure

one non commercial fishery with huge perch is my local lake - Clumber Park in Notts

huge perch but a National Trust management that is totally anti angling - no fishing this year because of 'covid' wtf?

and before the Clumber 'police' take me to task for mentioning the water that should never be mentioned - screw you

my late father was taking me fishing at Clumber in the late 1960's when 2lb roach were common

and i later fished in the roach halcyon days at Clumber with the likes of Trev Moss/Dave Plummer/Kev Clifford/George Sharman/Pete Evans/Stuart Hearst and me - Hallamshire Specimen Group (not me -i'm Notts - that lot were Yorkshire, lol)
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