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BFW Forum Rules

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Originally posted March 6 2009

Welcome to Barbel Fishing World!

You have received membership to this website as a free gift after either:

i) Ordering from our online shop
ii) Donating to our chosen charity through the online shop
iii) Donating to our chosen charity by cheque, through the post.

Your consumer rights are not affected by acceptance of this free gift, though we reserve the right to withdraw your membership at any time without notice. Here are our full Terms and Conditions for use of the forum:

Barbel Fishing World Terms and Conditions

Here is a summary of the BFW Forum Rules

Your membership to the site will be permanently withdrawn if the following rules are not adhered to :

Do not behave in an aggressive or antagonistic way.

Do not make potentially slanderous or libelous comments.

Remember that BFW is viewed by men and women of all ages and races, and also children.

Please do not use very strong language in your posts. If you wouldn't say it in the queue for the checkout in Sainsburys, don't say it here.

Please do not use adult or inappropriate images, animations or film clips in your avatars or posts.

Please do not advertise products, services or events without first obtaining permission from the site owner.

If a moderator has cause to edit or remove your posts on more than one occasion, you may have your membership withdrawn.

Any further editing of a post that has already been moderated by one of the BFW team may result in an immediate ban from the site.

Please do not challenge our moderating decisions on the forum. Any comment or grievance regarding any moderation on the site should be directed to andyf@barbel.co.uk

When replying to a barbel or fishing related topic on this board, please do not allow the thread to deviate into non fishing related discussion.

Any non-fishing related threads should be posted on our Social Forum (members only):


All posts are the sole responsibility of the author and BFW accept no responsibility for libelous or defamatory comments posted anywhere on this site.

Please do not include links to commercial entities in signatures without prior agreement from the BFW Management Team. Any commercial links will be removed without discussion. (links are not allowed in signatures of members)

Anyone who includes anything in their signature that causes any offence and is against the BFW Terms of Service, will find that their signature is disabled without discussion.

Enjoy Barbel Fishing World and please help us make this a happy place to be!

Thank you,

The Team at Barbel Fishing World.

ps. Editing of posts :

Currently we have it set that users may edit their own posts but this has a time limit of 30 minutes which allows for correction of typos. The exception to this is in the Classifieds - for a trial period we allow users to edit their own posts.
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