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Berkley Big Game

Steve Lewis

Senior Member
Historically I've always used Maxima Chameleon as mainline in heavier breaking strains (7lb and above) and never had any problems, but I've read far too many comments that have questioned its consistency in recent years, which has put some doubt in my own mind. And, I must admit, the relatively high memory was getting on my nuts a bit as well.

So, I'm looking to try something else and, for similar money and general reviews, Big Game seems to be the front runner (please note I have...a history with Daiwa Sensor). But I do have one question - many people comment about how large the diameter is when compared with other brands, but is that just down to Berkley understating the actual breaking strain (i.e. the 8lb is actually 10lb, the 10lb 12lb, etc), or is it actually thick for what it is? I can handle the former, but if it's the latter I'll need some convincing...

Thanks all.

Derek Funcks

Senior Member
Steve, ive not tried the berkley, but like you, i either used the maxima ( in the lower strengths ) or diawa sensor in the higher. Ive now switched to the new Diawa "Hyper" Sensor. Its thinner and smoother than the old stuff, used it a couple of times before the season ended, seems good. :)

Clive Shipman

Senior Member
You'll get a multitude of answers on this which indicates mono is fairy good all round these days. I use Fox Camo in 10 and 13lb it's strong supple and it meets my requirements.

Steve Roffey

Senior Member
Big Game in 10lb and 12lb has been my line of choice for many years now. OK it's thick for stated strength compared to most other lines but I've always found it to be bombproof. I top up my stocks when on vacation in Florida, pretty sure that's American made stuff!

Steve Lewis

Senior Member
Thanks guys.

Unfortunately NONE of the tackle shops near me sell Big Game, so it's the interwebs. I notice that several eBay shops specifically state theirs as American made. Happily, most of them seem to be brick and mortar tackle shops with an eBay presence, so I'm getting a good price AND still supporting the shops (and, hopefully, they're also speaking the truth about it being American).

Bill - am already aware of that place from other posts you've made, so they'll definitely be in the consideration.

Steve - I'm aiming to get it in 8, 10 and 12. I've had a closer look at the stated diameters and, actually, they don't seem too bad. In fact they seem to have a slightly smaller diameter than a lot of other specimen monos. So are the stated diameters not 100% precise, or are we literally just talking about the lower diameter lines being the £££ ones?

Stuart Brookes

Senior Member
I've used Berkley Big Game for quite a few years now and it has never let me down. As others have stated it is reasonably priced and just make sure you get the US made line.

Bill Walford

Senior Member
I've just had a squint at the labels on 8lb & 10lb that I have, being American they give the average diameter in inches rather than mm but with the help of an online converter the 8 is coming in at just under .28mm and the 10 at about .305mm. I've then looked at the Tackle Box line test and they've measured 10lb Green at .30mm with a breaking strain of 13.8lb. (they don't give measurements for 8lb BS). Have got to agree with you that the measurements are pretty good and about what I would expect. I do know that when I have had to pull for a break 10lb takes some breaking and has taken a fair bit of stick on my local Medway (some swims are harder on line than others) and also rivers like the Wye and Trent. I definately would recommend it to you.
Bill W

Steve Lewis

Senior Member
Thanks Bill.

So it does sound like the breaking strains are understated. That's fine. It also means that the diameters are pretty good when compared with other lines that have more accurate breaking strains.

Happy the man - Big Game it is.

Joe Winstanley

Senior Member
Big Game is a tried and tested line, I know lots of very good anglers who swear by it and use little else. It's not my first choice, but like so much tackle its all down to personal taste.

I use GR60 clear in 12lb for almost all of my barbel (and carp) fishing. Pro-Gold and Pro-Clear for tench / bream / chub etc.

The tackle box tests that Bill mentions is a very useful guide: http://www.tacklebox.co.uk/pdfs/line_tests_issue3c.pdf

Phil Maggs

Senior Member
As this thread is a couple of months old i presume you are now fixed with the line steve?
if you are ever down Portishead way "reel fun" tackle shop down by the marina sell big game, they have a website but it's very limited to what they actually do sell, if you're ever down that way it's certainly worth popping in for a look around, i found it was a little gold mine, sells stuff that you can't get in B-A-C or Veals...

Steve Lewis

Senior Member
Yep Phil, sorted thanks. Although I haven't really had a chance to properly test it yet. I used the 8 and 10lb on my first two trips out, but blanked totally, so thought I'd scale down to 6 and 5lb lines (Korum Xpert and Reflo Power Max respectively - both absolutely brilliant) and it seems to have done the trick, at least in terms of catching.

The big game will most likely not get a proper test now until the pike season starts.