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Basic Guide to Fishing Book

Can anyone recommend a good, modern, basic guide to fishing book? Something that covers UK coarse fishing or preferably coarse, game and sea. I'm looking for a gift for my young nephew and although tempted to pass on my copy of 'Fishing with the Experts' it's a bit dated!

Mark Swaby

Senior Member
Rather than 'how to' books have you thought about Chris Yates books,some of his recent books like, how to fish and out of the blue are great reads for a young mind and can be picked up very cheaply.I used to always put an IOU for a days fishing in my nephews books when they were young,payable when the weather got warm.
dvds are so much better for beginners than trying to understand fishing books, they can see and hear how to do things rather than ponder for ages wondering if this is what the author means:)
Thanks for the replies Chaps. Actually got just what i was looking for last week when fellow BFW member Steve Gregson sent me a mint copy of Fishing by Purnell, Yates and Dawn - a 3 part boxed guide to Fishing, wouldn't even accept my offer to cover postage costs! Just shows what a great place this can be - Top man Steve i hope you have a great Christmas. :)

Nick Hay

I have a Tony Miles one and maybe a few others,don't know the titles as at work at the moment, if it is for your nephew he can have them free of charge if you are willing to cover the cost of the postage.
Thanks for the offer Nick, sorry for the late reply - thought this thread would have died after posting of Steve's kind offer. He's keen as mustard now and I think it best to let him find his own way in angling - in time he'll discover the likes of Miles and Yates for himself, quite quickly if he raids his uncles book shelf!