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Bait for a winter Wye session next week?

Hi guys I'm heading up all being well for a day or two on the Wye either next wkend or early in next week. Probably an obvious question and a lot will depend on the weather and river conditions. However is it a pellet and ground bait affair or is the Maggie's, casters and hemp the go? Would ideally like to trott a float to if conditions allow. Thanks in advance Jon ;)
Hi Graham thanks for the reply. I spoke to stan earlier this week was thinking about the stretch he manages at Aramstone Fishery. But totally open to other suggestions. I want to catch some fish silver's would be great got to be realistic. Where would you suggest? I also thought snoabout ut the Warwickshire Avon (manor farm in think that's it's name? ) day ticket
So would i be right I thinking next Sunday/ Monday despite been cold could potentially be ok for chub/ barbel as the air temp will have risen by 6-8 degrees from the week? It will have warmed up over a few days I'm guessing along with the air pressure to
Also one more thought on fish location. Faster or deeper and slower sections? Might do a day on WA and day on the Wye. Anchor meadow looks like the chosen spot. Fancy the weir islands section (very fished it) but wonder if the slower deeper steadier water is where i should target? Thanks Jon