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Baffin Technologies Outback Boots - by John Attfield

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Steve Williams

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Baffin Technologies Outback Boots by John Attfield

Having spent many a winter season with cold feet I decided that I would try and find a proper boot which would not only cope with the extreme cold that static winter night fishing brings ,but also a boot that allowed me to walk to my required swim without my socks ending up flopping around the bottom of my feet.

Having been interested in winter walking and climbing you would have thought that there must be something on the market which could have crossed over into the angling world,the main problem is that walking boots are great for walking in but are totally useless when you are sitting still for hours at a time!

I`d heard of good reports on the baffin trapper wellies but what I was looking for was the same thermal properties as these but in a walking boot which is where the outbacks come in. The boots come with an outer made of very tough fullgrain timberwolf leather(whatever that is!)and all the stitching is fully seam sealed.The soles have a very deep tread pattern which so far shows no signs of wear on mine in over a year.The only downside to this is if you have to walk across a field covered in cowpats as they seem to cling to the deep tread pattern,lovely!!


The inner boot is a multi layered affair and I was amazed at just how dry it stays after wearing the boot on an overnight session.


You can check out WinterFootwear.com - Winter Boots - Baffin Sorel Columbia for the full spec on these and others in the baffin range.

I am known for not being the best person when it comes down to looking after my kit and in the time I have owned these boots I have never cleaned them apart from taking out the inners after a session and clearing the sole by banging them against a neighbours wall.

Now comes the bad part - the cost, these boots ain`t cheap at £130 but if it comes down to it neither is a Bentley and these are one of the best purchases I have made, and these used with my one piece minus ten suit have allowed me to stay out in all weathers.

10 out of 10 (the dogs swingers)

Available from :
Planet Carp 0115 942 4941
Leslies 01582 453542
WinterFootwear.com - Winter Boots - Baffin Sorel Columbia

John (jonboy) Attfield
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