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Are there any longshank beaked barbed or micro-barb hooks worth using

After loosing a couple of good fish over the last season , went back to using longshank hooks, only not having a beaked point they can blunt or turn over the point on gravel, I have always liked the long shank hooks for hook hold on fish. For cod fishing I have two offset curved in wards stainless steel longshank baitholder hooks that set in a pennel rig have helped to land more cod these last couple of years.
Never had a problem with mouth damage barbel/ chub fishing and used to use the long shank for non-hairrigged meat when fishing a smaller river like the dearne will have a look at Korum longshank x hook thanks for the info will look into fly tying suppliers as well. Will have to see if the landed fish ratio goes up, always felt better using the Gilt Drennan sweetcorn hooks for tench fishing many moons ago. Must be horses for courses like line , rods, reels , tripods etc .