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Anyone got the Tench rods out yet?

Discussion in 'Other Species Fishing' started by Adam Francis, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. Bill Walford

    Bill Walford Senior Member

    Many thanks for your trouble Paul..;) I've had a very helpful email from a Chap at Portsmouth & District AC and he has sent me links to the waters that can be fished on DT. Funtley and Carrow Row are the two that grab me so me thinks that Dave and I will just have to fish both. Watch this space for the outcome :D
  2. David Potter

    David Potter Senior Member

    Was out on Sunday at Lemington Lakes had 13 tench up to 4lbs plus on Casters / Worm all on the float.
  3. Mark Mole

    Mark Mole Senior Member

    Good catch Dave,do they go much bigger in those lakes?
  4. Bill Walford

    Bill Walford Senior Member

    Well done David...a dream catch :)
  5. David Potter

    David Potter Senior Member

    Always have a few days on there Mark early season its nice to get a bend in the float rod, yeah the fish are definitely getting bigger out of the 13 fish 10 were decent a couple pushing 5ish ( How big have you had them ?) had the lake to myself and they were still feeding when i left at 2 PM
  6. Mark Mole

    Mark Mole Senior Member

    I've not fished that particular venue Dave I was just wondering if it contained any bigger ones,I'm struggling at the moment to find a suitable venue that contains say an 8 plusser.I only started targeting tench last spring,so I've still a lot to learn,had plenty last season only upto 6 and a half,but good fun nonetheless.Gravel pits are the obvious venues but they all seem to be rammed with carp anglers.
  7. Bill Walford

    Bill Walford Senior Member

    Regret to say Mark, wherever you go you will be amongst Carp anglers! Have you thought of going down to Linear at Witney? There are some clonkers in there by all accounts...
  8. Mark Mole

    Mark Mole Senior Member

    Yes Bill I ventured down there last season a couple of times.Both times was tempted to drive straight back home,but having travelled 75 miles I just had to fish where I could get,instead of where I needed to be.It would seem the sponsored masses have the place sewn up,with social media having a detrimental effect also.....shame because the fish I desire live there.
  9. Bill Walford

    Bill Walford Senior Member

    Are all the waters busy Mark?
  10. Mark Mole

    Mark Mole Senior Member

    It seems that way Bill, having spoken to several tench anglers and having driven around the whole site myself.I phoned the bailiff last week and he advised me not to bother travelling and that's midweek!
  11. Bill Walford

    Bill Walford Senior Member

    Oh bum! I've arranged a day's work in Oxford Friday after next with the idea of meeting a mate there afterwards to do a couple on nights...:mad: back to the drawing board !!!!
  12. Iain Tutt

    Iain Tutt Senior Member

    Thought Farnham AS do day tickets on some of their waters. The biggest is Frencham great pond
  13. Jeff Collins

    Jeff Collins Senior Member

    Had a few tench lately but nothing big , largest about 3lbs. But they were stocked a few seasons ago in our syndicate estate lake and seemy to be thriving.
  14. Rod Fowler

    Rod Fowler Senior Member

    No day tickets on any Farnham AS waters, just guest tickets from local tackle details in advance at a tenner per rod. Also, the Frensham Ponds are closed during the traditional close season.
  15. Bill Walford

    Bill Walford Senior Member

    Thanks for the thought Iain and thank you Rod for the information. I've recently been on the website and saw that the traditional close season applied.
  16. Steve Lewis

    Steve Lewis Senior Member

    Had a go last Friday at a local-ish pit. Not a sniff from anything, not even the pike were interested in lures. But talking to a few guys who were bivvied up, nothing at all had come out to anyone for a few days - plenty of fish splashing about, though, so the consensus was that they were getting ready to do the nasty.
  17. Roger Cramer

    Roger Cramer Senior Member

    Keeping my eye in

    I've had 9 Tinca outings since the rivers closed, producing a grand total of 15 tench including two decent specimens of 6.4 and 6.2 (virtually all of them taken on my favourite method of 13' float rod, Okuma Sheffield pin and waggler, fished at around 8/10 feet with a juicy 'dendra' tipped off with red maggot).

    This included three blanks as well, although whilst I term them as them blanks I was actually dealing with numbers of small-ish perch (happening on every outing) who also took a liking to my pole-cupped offerings of chopped worm, casters and maggot!

    I'm off out today again, except that this time I can't wait to try out my newly-purchased Drennan 13' Tench/Specimen rod, which I am 'trialing' now in anticipation of giving trotting for barbel on the Trent a go in a few weeks time!


  18. Simon Burt

    Simon Burt Senior Member

    Woke early so took the chance to see the mist drifting across my local lake. i struggled to get my bait past the ravenous Rudd but did get lucky with 7 or 8 beautiful little tench between 6 and 1pm. Must have had 50plus Rudd as well!


  19. Chris Guy

    Chris Guy Senior Member

    Hacks me off big time, all these quality waters being 'topped up' with more and more carp (where there's crap, sorry carp, there's money). I too would love to target tench in a water local to myself (they go into double figures) but, it's full of carpers, filling it in all week with tens of kilos of boilies. One of the other waters on the complex was acquired about three years ago, it too has tench into low doubles but, now this water is seen by the club as a carp water, so they have been putting in carp by the score. Which leaves a couple of other much smaller waters for the anglers who just want a bite a chuck from silvers and little carp.
    I would love for these clubs to leave a little water for the non carp brigade but, who may like to catch quality crucians, rudd and tench. I do have bite alarms, light carp rods ect, but I love to lay-on with a waggler for these fish in the summer months.
  20. Simon Burt

    Simon Burt Senior Member

    Back for more this morning and it was excellent. Lots more quality Rudd, beautiful tench and the first crucians I have caught since I used to fish the old Norton ponds near Taunton in the 80s. I also had perch and a skimmer; all on sweet corn. In a quandary now about next weekend, river or pond?