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Angling camaraderie

Lee White

Senior Member
Got a question want people's opinions on this so here goes
You have gone fishing you have had a few nothing special and you're getting ready to go home in a hour when all of a sudden and angler appears does the usual how's the fishing ect ect then asks a question could he borrow a couple of leads as he has left his at home 50 miles away but you don't know him what do you do
A) tell him no your going in a hour and they cost money
B) help the man out even though you don't know him because it could always happen to you

Keith Humphreys

Senior Member
Maybe I'm an old cynic but I would have made my apologies and said no, why?
If I was in the same boat as the other angler (which would never happen cos I always have spares in my car) :
a. I would have improvised with a stone or something.
b. I would never ask another angler for a lead (how embarrassing).

David Craine

Senior Member
Lots of thoughts on this one .

A. I would never ask anybody for anything
( except maybe advice ) I have always been very self sufficient, and have a bit of a problem with those who arent .As said above , improvisation will sort out the winners from the also rans, I can improvise so others should as well, we all have brains but some just refuse to use them.
B . Anybody can have an off day and forget something , me included.
C. I pride myself on making the best of any situation without outside help, if I have made a cock up, its my problem, nobody elses .
D. .... Q ...Is it in me to beg , or borrow bits so I can continue with a days fishing ,
A ..,, No.
So on balance , I should say no to anybody asking as I judge others against my own standards, but being me would probably say yes as I can be a soft touch in the right circumstances , however, a lot would depend upon the the personality and appearance of the person asking , I can recognise a chancer . A chancer would have .......no chance .


Lee White

Senior Member
Interesting this it seems to be splitting opinions when I thought there really should only be one answer

Edward Adcock

Senior Member
I believe in karma so would let the angler have a look at what I had to offer. I am pretty convinced he would decline. If I was in his situation I would offer to buy them via paypal or offer something in return. I do try to carry some cash with me these days.

Peter Brownbill

Senior Member
I’d probably help, remember giving an angler a Korum quick change bead , I heard the cry oh no from his peg, he sat slumped on his seat box , I said what’s up he said I’ve dropped it in the water.i walked over gave him another and said tie it on away from the water lol

Howard Cooke

Senior Member
It happens. I’ve left stuff at home after a trek and kicked myself on the bank. I’d of just given him 1 and said “that’s all I can spare and it will at least get you a line in the water.”
Flipping heck Richard don’t know where you fish but on my local waters a request to “borrow a lead” isn’t code for an invitation to engage in man love.

Terry Simner

Senior Member
tell him Freelining's the going method.
That would be my first thought if I'd forgotten my leads (which I wouldn't). ..make the most of being there, try freelining when I hadn't planned to on that day/on that stretch. But if approached by an angler in need, to me it would somewhat depend on how that need was couched. If the guy just walked up to me** and said "Got any spare leads mate?" (like some younger club members might do on one of the stretches I fish in winter @John Care @Graham Elliott 😂 😂 😂 ) then I might say no. But if the angler was despairing, bemoaning his stupidity, then I wouldn't hesitate to provide him with what he needed (but not a handful of my bespoke Fisky's mega-feeders though!)
As Joe said, what goes round ....
** But on the Teme, and often the Middle Severn in summer, he have to find me first.😂😂😂

Richard Isaacs

Senior Member
Somewhere you have to draw the line.
what leads are we talking here???
a pair of korda 5 oz grippers or a pair of 1oz NGT flat pears??
ive no issues helping out someone that makes a genuine mistake and you never know that person could be walking back to the car as your in the middle of unhooking the fish of a lifetime. Your opportunity of a quality photo if you don’t have the self take equipment could pass you by if you Sat there and told him you can’t help. I can afford to loose one or 2 cheap leads and its Always nice to have in the back of your mind......... he owes me one