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Advice required

Paul Boyle

Senior Member
Prodigy TX 12ft 1.75lb Specimen Rod

Hello all
I'm just about to buy the above rod and a new baitrunner .Ive looked at two reels ,both Shimano's 6000's and 4000 fa dl .
I have had reports on the 4000 and ive been told that on heavy waters (Severn / Wye )the baitrunner pays out line when its on full lock ,has anyone else had this problem with the 4000 series ?.

Also do you think the 6000 series is to big for the Prodigy rod?.


Marty Mulcairn

Senior Member
I'd be looking at a beefier rod for the wye, 2.25lb is ideal, especially if your planning of fishing into the autumn/winter when its carrying a lot of water.
reel wise i'd be looking at a shimano 4500b, 6000 oc or similar - i useboth of these and don't have a problem with the baitrunner function.

its easy to be undergunned when big feeders, strong flow and a wild wye boris are all in the equation!
ps. pm for you Paul.

Matthew Goulding

Senior Member
I have both the Shimano 4000 DLs and the 6000D. I've fished with the DLs in fast deep water on the Somme - 15-18 feet, 4-5 knot current and although I had to tighten up the baitrunner more than usual they were a long way off maximum tension.

You'll find the 6000 will chuck further than the 4000 and is probably better suited to the regular retrieving of big heavy feeders, but you won't go far wrong with either.

Dave Taylor

Senior Member
As my old Shimi 5010's were looking a bit tired I took the plunge and bought a pair of 6000 xtr's in March,..only to look on here the next day to see a pair of 5000,s for sale at a much cheaper price.:mad:
The 6000's look a bit big for my liking, but are a quality reel. I noted that the weight of the old 5010 was 14.5 oz compared to the 21.5 oz 6000.
Why Shimano discontinued the 5000 range is a mystery to me as they seemed a good all round barbel reel.
That said, I'm sure the 6000 won't let you down on a big river, as long as your'e not holding the rod touch ledgering!:D