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Absolutely barbaric.

Please scroll down the page until you get to the photo of Dathan Clegg with the ten specimen pike that have died as a consequence. Surely, someone should be prosecuted for this?

This one:

If someone had kicked a dog, they'd be facing criminal prosecution. Why is nothing being done here?

A possible 'brace of a lifetime' lost forever.

Rhys Perry

Senior Member
He's just dragged dead fish out and taken photos, can't see what he's done wrong?
The club possibly could shoulder some of the blame for not reacting to the dropping water level, but it has to be out of their hands to stop it surely?
Don't think they're as big as they look those pike, look bloated to me, still a tragedy all the same.
This is from the link

He said Towndoor had told the fishing club that it was lowering the water level and asked them to “keep an eye on the fishâ€.

Surely whoever was lowering the water level was responsible for monitoring the levels and to stop the lowering of the level before they became critical for the fish in there.

Mark Swaby

Senior Member
A 50 acre lake in the Colne valley Harrow's Harefield No2 just had a complete fish kill two weeks ago.Not just hundreds but all fish life dyed off ,including all fry.Over 50 years of carp history and massive amounts of pike,Tench and catfish ? (nobody knew where they came from)Its that time of year for complete loss of all oxygen due to dye off of algae and weed.This was probably a similar issue, when tested, the oxygen level was 0.3 and you need at least 3 for life to survive.A week after the dye off the HS2 mob turned up to start work at the lake,conspiracy theory or what.A member of one of my clubs Tyron has been testing all of our waters and some dropped to worrying levels.