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A plea

Paul Ashton

Senior Member
Can I appeal to tackle manufacturers to consider designing/using zips on fishing equipment that actually work or at the very least outlast the equipment/clothes they are fitted to. The number of bags, coats, rod quivers, etc I have bought over the years that have had the zips fail while the rest of the item is still serviceable is innumerable. The latest in a long line of failures is a Korum mat bag, a great idea and in every respect a good product except for the zip. This is the second one I've had, the first had the zip fail within a month, it's replacement lasted a bit longer, but again the zip has failed. I have a small Chub roving bag which suits me fine, but every zip on it has failed. I've had various weatherproof coats, bib and brace trousers over the years made by different makers, cheap and expensive, which have not worn out but have had to be replaced because you've guessed it the zips have failed. Strangely the cheap ALDI fishing clothes seem to have zips which outlast the wear and tear, so if Aldi can manage it, come on the big names in tackle manufacture make gear where the zips last. Rant over, on reflection I could just be heavy handed with zips!
Feel your 'pain' Paul ... absolutely totally agree. You find something that's perfect for your particular needs...then the bloody zips fail on you. Agree also re. Aldi, not had a failure with their stuff yet. Brilliant gear...and cheap as chips too.
I've got one of the small Aldi bags which is absoloutly briiiant apart from the 'swearing' zips.
The zips haven't failed but what a 'swearing! nuisance having to open the complete circumference of any compartment to gain acsess.
Looking to replace with perforated leather strap/ brass button alternative as in the past. Will be scouring game fishing sites soon.
Hi Paul

I share your frustration. I've just invested in a new set of luggage including a 40L bergan, quiver and the Drennan Specialist Compact 20L Roving Bag. The roving bag alone has four plastic zips. They look and feel pretty robust, but as Bob advises I rub the edge of a candle along the full length of the zip teeth. This lubricates, prevents snagging and wear, hopefully increasing the useful life of the kit, soap has the same effect.



Alex Dalton

Senior Member
Aldi quality

Both Aldi , rod bag and roving bag still going strong with zips despite my best caggy handed ness to destroy them, why pay a fortune for other brands always.
Prompted by this discussion I started looking around for a zipless bag for my flyfishing trips, the Aldi small bag was ok and the zips hadn't failed but I found it very inconvenient.
Found this advertised on E bay and Amazon and it arrived today.

Seems to be everything I'd hoped it would be. Canvas, stiff enough to support itself, a press stud attached thick plastic liner, two front pockets plus the mesh and just the right size for a few flyboxes, nylon, tips, tools and food and drink for a day.
A bargain for £16.99 delivered.
Has anybody tried the zip replacements on ebay? seem like a great idea, if it is the zip body itself that has failed these ones open up allowing you to put them onto the zip teeth and hey presto! zip fixed!
I have repaired broken zips myself in the past, it takes a bit of fiddling, but it is possible to open the zip"body" with a screwdriver, replace it onto the teeth, then gently close with a pair of pliers. I had an ancient and venerable Barbour jacket that was fixed in this way, it gave me another five years of wear.
At the bottom of the zip, if the zip stop has come adrift, it is easy enough to make another one, just cut a small sliver of aluminium and bend it into a 'U ' shape, pop it through the fabric, bend the arms of the stop you have made back at right angles using a pair of long nosed pliers , and again gently squeee together.
Much the same as the zip repair kits sold on the 'bay work.

I think the general problem with zips these days is that they are never made ruggedly enough to stand the constant use they get.... planned obsolecence probably.